Motorway wignettes in the Czech Republic



Drivers of vehicles with at least four wheels up to 3.5 tons are charged according to time.

If you drive a car (up to 3.5 tons) + trailer / caravan - you only buy 1 for your car. The car and the caravan's weight are not counted!


Where is the wignett needed: Roads where it is mandatory have a road sign (motorway, expressway). Except when there is an additional "free of charge" sign.

Finding your way on toll-free sections is very complex especially for foreigners. It is financially worthwhile purchasing a short-term motorway stamp.

Types and prices: D- ten-days(310 CZK),  M- monthly(440 CZK) and  R- annual(1500 CZK)



From 2018 they are clearly different in shape.



Where to buy: at most petrol stations. Try to get it at the last petrol station in the country from where you are coming or the first one in the Czech Republic.

Wignettes are sold well at all post offices.


How to use:

  • enter the vehicle registration number on the main and control part
  • stick the main part on the inside of the car's windscreen on the right lower edge (from the driver's point of view)
  • keep the second part for inspections.


Fines if you do not have it:

If the police stop you without a stamp, you must pay an on the spot fine of CZK 5,000, if there are later administrative proceedings, up to CZK 100,000. As Czechs usually buy an annual stamp, the police may focus on the short-term control of foreigners!