Agility barriers for dogs


Try "Agility" with your dog - an educational and fun activity of a  man with a dog, where they both form one team!

The dog overcomes various types of barriers and both the dog and the master are happy with the movement that this sport allows them.

Of course, we did not forget a bench for seating. You will find there also a basket with bags (keeping the area clean is very important!) and even "dog urinals".

For further running and walking dogs, there is  available a 1 ha large meadow. You can see all the location well on the map of the campsite.




On several obstacles, which we placed for our guests next to the campsite, will certainly have fun both dogs(of all breeds) and their owners(of all ages): 

  • table
  • 4x jumping barriers low
  • sloping wall - "A"
  • slalom
  • 3x jumping barriers high
  • tunel
  • beam
  • swing
  • jump