Animation program for children


In the season (8 weeks) from Sunday till Friday 3x a day are organized entertainment programs for children and and their parents.

Animation in year  2019:  30. 6.- 23. 8.



Handicraft / Clever Hands

Every morning from 10 am the little ones can make some interesting products. If they perhaps were not able to cut / glue / paint by themselves, they are welcome with their parents!


Come and make your own beaded necklace, or interesting pet. You can make and take away a useful platform under a teacup made of the iron-on beads.


Make your own mask out of paper, borrow a fancy dress or bring your own from home. Subsequently, you can walk in the carnival parade through the whole camping area.

The remote control cars

Come to the football field to test whether you can drive 4WD car on speed up to 40 km / h through the prepared obstacles. Not only older kids will like it (including the oldest ones - fathers), but also smaller ones - for those we turn 4WD car on speed only around 5 km / h.

T-shirt painting

Paint your original T-shirt. Markers and other materials you can get from us. Just bring your own shirt, or buy it from us for CZK 100 only.

Group games

Come with us to fetch orienteering, participate in the “Olympics games”, go for a world tour, and find a treasure hidden in the camp area...

Racing track

Come to our great race track. This must be repeatedly turned to fit the mini-club...

Face painting

Choose from our originals, or invent your own and our animators then paint you.

Bouncy castle

Every Sunday morning in the season we inflate a bouncy castle and a slide. Come with your kids and let them jump and tire themselves!

Parents with children as one team

Create a team of children with their parents and play as a team! Should you be childless - does not matter, we will assign some to you.

Board Games

Come to the mini-club in the evenings to play known and possibly unknown board games.

Dance mats

Come to the evening competitions in the dance on the dance mats. Always playing in two, the image is projected on a projector screen in front of you.

Night fighting

Do you have the courage, you cannot be afraid? You can try this with us!

And much more ...

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